The school year is divided into four quarters (grading periods): Two quarters make up one semester; two semesters comprise the school year. Progress reports are issued at the end of each quarter. Grades will be reported in two ways:

Grades K-2
E – Excellent
S – Satisfactory
N – Needs Improvement
Grades 3-8
A – Superior
B – Above average
C – Average
D – Below average
F – Failure
It is the obligation of each teacher to provide a written account of student progress. Progress reports are given to parents at parent-teacher conferences after the first and third quarters, and are mailed to parents after the end of the second and fourth quarters.

In addition, the school provides parents with achievement test results, using standardized testing (Iowa Assessments Test). These standardized tests are provided as a service to schools by the College of Education of the University of Iowa, and are administered to students in 3rd through 8th grade, usually in October. Results of these tests are carefully monitored by staff and school board. Our results are also tracked by the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the North American Divisions of Seventh-day Adventist Education. This is done to ensure academic quality in each classroom.

Parents are always invited (and strongly encouraged) to discuss their child’s academic development with a teacher or the principal. Formal parent-teacher conferences are held after the first and third quarters, while parent-teacher meetings can always be arranged by special appointment. These appointments can be made with the principal by contacting the main office.